Annual Seed Exchange - Seedlist 2018

A native buttercup

Ranunculus crithmifolius

grown from wild-collected

NZAGS seed sown in 2011

Each year the Society organises a SEED EXCHANGE based on donations of seeds from members, publishes a seedlist and distributes seeds to its members. This is an opportunity for members to choose from a list of more than 800 wild-collected and garden seed species, both native New Zealand plants and exotics. Many are rare and unusual and unobtainable commercially.

Our grateful thanks to members both home and overseas for the time and effort they put in to collect, clean, packet and send in their donations of seeds. Without you there would be no seed exchange! And a big thank you also to the team of volunteers who organise the distribution.

The 2018 seed distribution is currently underway. The list is posted below, together with the 2016 and 2017 lists, for your reference. 

    The Seed Director

    New Zealand Alpine Garden Society

    P.O. Box 2984

    Christchurch 8140

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