What we do

If you love little alpine plants, 

and especially those of New Zealand, we’re the Society for you!

Don't forget that we like bulbs and woodland plants too.

  • Twice-yearly 40-page BULLETIN with articles on a wide range of topics, including native and exotic plants, how to grow, and where to see them in the wild

  • Annual SEED LIST including seeds of many native plants, often wild-collected and unobtainable anywhere else

  • Annual COMBINED SPRING SHOW, in association with the Daffodil Circle. A chance to see some superb competitive exhibits, plus displays and extremely popular plant sales

  • FIELD TRIPS to see our New Zealand native plants in their mountain homes

  • WORKSHOPS and STUDY WEEKEND for our 60th birthday celebrations

  • MONTHLY MEETINGS  Fee provides entry to plant raffle We meet at 8 pm on the first Thursday of every month at the Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville, St Riccarton, for a short general meeting followed by an informative and inspirational speaker.  Presentations cover a wide area of topics from the cultivation of certain species to travel reports to the worlds alpine areas and everything in between.   The show bench is another attraction at each meeting with exhibits of current flowers put on by our members.  Not to mention the opportunity to buy alpine and woodland plants from sellers, the monthly plant raffle, a cup of tea, supper and a chat with our friendly members. $2 entry unless $5 for international speakers.

  • Informative newsletter 6 times a year

  • Find us on FACEBOOK and share photos, news and events with other enthusiasts.

  • Did you come to our 60th Anniversary Study weekend? It was a tremendously successful event.  

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