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Bill Dijk - Bulbs for Sale

Bill Dijk will be familiar to many members, including when he gave his talk about the rare Oncocyclus Iris  and subsequent article in  NZAGS Bulletin No. 111.

He is a horticulturist by training and when he moved to New Zealand he turned his expertise to growing bulbs.  Daffodil Acre was the culmination of his efforts and was a staple for almost 40 years. He and wife, Willie, and the whole family were involved in the production of over 400 types of daffodils including some famous daffodil hybrids.


On retiring Bill turned his attention to a wider range of bulbs indulging his interest in breeding, particularly tall bearded iris and miniature daffodils. He sourced seed from Oron Peri for example and was the best grower of Oncocyclus from seed, perfecting the technique and growing conditions here in New Zealand.


In Tauranga where Bill lives, he has many fish boxes of awe-inspiring spring-blooming bulbs. For the first time this year NZAGS are fortunate to be able to buy some of his surplus bulbs for our members and as a club fundraiser.

Bill’s friend Anthony Darby in Auckland (see NZAGS Bulletin No.112) is another skilled grower, and he is sending us some bulbs to add to the sale. Some bulbs will sell out very quickly, so do not delay.


Some of the bulbs like Lachenalias and Ferraria etc require special growing conditions and will not tolerate frost, keep them on the dry side and leave under your eaves or indoors.  They are generally winter rainfall South African plants so they can be watered from June onwards or wait if you are in colder areas, then they will reward you with masses of spring blooms.  

“Collectors love Oxalis but no one else wants to hear about them,” says Bill, a member of the Pacific Bulb Society. “They flower prolifically for months on end, come in every colour, are easy to grow, and the majority aren’t rambling or weedy. I always advise people to put them in a pot and then you won’t lose track of them – and you’ll probably feel better about having them contained.


“Oxalis really would be one of my top recommendations when it comes to bulbs.”

Bill is keen on Lachenalias, especially those with interesting foliage – the raised spots of L. pustulata or the types with spotted leaves. He’s trying to add purple spotting to the leaves of L. viridiflora, which blooms with turquoise-coloured flowers in early winter.

To see Bill's bulbs for sale and to place orders please see  

If you have any queries please email

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