We meet at 8 pm on the first Thursday of every month at the Philatelic centre, 67 Mandeville, St (Doors open at 7.30pm) Riccarton, for a short general meeting followed by an informative and inspirational speaker.  Presentations cover a wide area of topics from the cultivation of certain species to travel reports to the worlds alpine areas and everything in between.   The show bench is another attraction at each meeting with exhibits of current flowers put on by our members.  Not to mention the opportunity to buy alpine and woodland plants from sellers, the monthly plant raffle, a cup of tea, supper and a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable members.  All meetings now available on zoom. Members will be invited to join.

2-Dec-21         Christmas Party 5pm         Kiosk Botanic Gardens 

4- Nov-21         Robyn Kilty                        Plant hunting

9-Oct-21          Botanical Expo                  Covid solution at Broadfield Garden thanks to David Hobbs 

7-Oct-21          Hamish Brown                   A walk through Mika and Hamish's garden

2 -Sep-21         Ian and Maggie Young    The famous Bulb blog writer with an equisite garden in Aberdeen

5 -August -21  AGM  plus Dave Pomare  Propagating those special plants that Society members like 

3 -Jun-21         Dave Toole                         Patagonia NOTE 7.30pm mid-winter start time 

May                      Workshop                                  Hypertufa,, Oamaru stone carving, Mosaics

6-May-21         Chris Gardner                    Locked down in Paradise -Turkey's wild flowers

April 10            Workshop/Garden Visit    Preparing plants for the show bench, potting on, propagation         

15 Apr-21         Barbara Wheeler               Longwood Gardens (NY)   and the Longwood Fellow Programm   

4-Mar-21          Steve Newell                      A Mountain Legend in Australia's highest peaks 

4-Feb-21          Gabor Csontos                   

3-Dec-20          Christmas Party 5pm          Botanic Gardens Kiosk

7-Nov-20          Spring Garden Visit            West Melton

5-Nov-20          Shirley Russ                         Round the Botanical World in 60 minutes

18-Oct-20         Ashburton Trip

1-Oct-20           Alex Fergus                        Flora of the Russian Far East

26,27  Sep-20   Botanical Expo

3-Sep-20           Grant Matheson                 Christchurch Botanic Gardens "The Rock Garden"

6 -Aug -20        AGM                                    The Botanical Memorabilia Collections of Barry Hancox

2 July-20           Masa Santo                         Japanese Gardens inspired by the mountains  NB 7.30pm start    

12-Mar-20         Kenton Seth                       World renowned crevice garden builder

25-27 Jan -20   60th Anniversary Study Weekend

5 Dec                Christmas Party 5pm         Botanic Gardens, The Kiosk

9  Nov              Peninsula Trip                     Ohinetahi and Orton Bradley Park

7-Nov-19          Rob Potterton                    Overseas speaker of great repute, Pottertons Nursery

Show Dinner    Dave Adams                       Minnesota                       

5-Sep-19           Andrew Young                  Alpine Rhododendrons

1-Aug-19          DVD  with pop corn          The Remarkable Miss North

6-Jun-19           Heidi Meudt                       Myosotis In New Zealand and beyond, the latest in Te Papa

2-May-19          Suzanne Pickford               Sierra Nevadas

28-Mar-19         Linda Meyer                       USA rock garden plants

7-Mar-19           Stuart Murray,Sam Eder    Autumn bulbs

7-Feb-19           Doreen Mear                      Round the world in 80 slides:   A globetrotting plant enthusiast

1-Nov-18          Todd Borland                      Plants of New Foundlands Barrens, where alpines meet the sea

4-Oct-18           Doug Logan                        Botanical Adventures in Sikkum, India

Show Dinner    Gillian Dunkly                     Silk Road tour

6-Sep-18           Stuart Murray                     Maintaining a collection of rare and difficult alpines

2-Aug-18          DVD  with pop corn           The Eden project 

7-Jun-18           Ross Bicknell                       Plieone Orchids 

3-May-18          Anne Murray                       Oxalis; Peoples choise; Most hated weed.

5-Apr-18           Edna Parkyn                        Interesting garden plants

1-Mar-18           Steve Newall                       Mecanopsis, Gentiana, Lewisia

1-Feb-18           Hamish Brown                     Alpines of Japan