Seed List

Sadly, due to Covid and the associated lockdown with its lack of post, physical distancing and ban on seed collecting in the wild has meant we are unable to deliver our seedlist for members this year.  The seed that was already donated will be available to members at the AGM and at then at the Show

(Ususally-ed.) Each year seed is collected here in New Zealand and overseas  (both cultivated and wild collected). This is packaged and collated ready for members to select their quota.

Volunteers are required to help package and distribute the seed. Thanks to Denise Meadows for being in charge so competently. 

Seed is a great way to increase the range of plants you grow as well as a way to get greater bulk of material for garden designs or trough plantings.

NB when importing seed from overseas yourself be sure to check the MPI Biosecurity Plant Index to see if it is allowed to be imported        Thank you to Hamish Brown, main photographs